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The Great Garbage Fire Debate

Thank you Solid Waste Management for your story.

What type of waste are we generating? Where is it going in North America?

My sustainability project in 2016 was to bring awareness to government, public on "Healthcare Waste Diversion from Landfills and total Destruction" of this type of waste. Sign my petition at

I have met with Ontario Ministry of Environment Policy Division, spoken with Region of Peel and Waste Management Committee Regional Councillors on their position of telling homeowners in their district to "double bag" healthcare waste and put it in the garbage, which goes to landfill.

Unbelievable that our Government supports waste going to landfills, never mind "healthcare waste" going to landfills. The spread of disease is what we need to concentrate on.

More patients are in the homes and the following type of waste is being sent to landfills: dialysis tubing, IV tubing, colostomy bags, gastric and nasal tubes, soiled dressings, incontinence products (diapers), sponges, casts, catheters, etc.

I was District Manager in Canada setting up medical waste disposal for Browning Ferris Industries in the late 80s, early 90s. We are not going forward with the management of this waste, help me to address government for changes to their regulations to stop this type of waste going to landfills. It needs to be burned and turned into energy. Sign the petition at

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