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Since 1994, Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc., has assisted organizations in North America, Europe and Middle East in Management System Makeovers, improving business sustainability now, for growth to the future.   We assist leaders in Fortune 500 companies, government and registrars in developing and achieving high standards, process improvement, customer satisfaction, reducing risks, managing change, streamlining business processes and fine tuning data management, with integrated management systems, resulting in improved processes, productivity, performance and prosperity.  We prepare organizations for global trade and certification to ISO standards.

Jayne Pilot is a visionary, a leader in innovation of change to assist companies to take the steps to manage effectively and efficiently.   A trailblazer, working with clients since 2003 to integrate their management systems,  improving the identification of priorities, understanding risks tied with each process and avoiding duplication costing corporations time and money.  In 2003, Zochem, Pilot's client was the first company in North America to be registered by BSI, to integrated management systems. In 2015, ISO introduced integrated management systems following Annex SL.  

Our extensive experience with many industry sectors, in internationally accepted principles of good corporate governance, as well as design, implementation and change management for business plans and management systems, assists in our role as Director/Coach/Mentor/Facilitator.


We provide companies with strategic transformational leadership for a culture of innovation to succeed and be competitive in the global marketplace. 

Integrated Management Systems 

"Three Step Process - Identify, Insure, Improve" TM

Management Systems Makeovers have been implemented by thousands of organization's, following Jayne Pilot's proven "Three Step Process" for standardizing ISO implementation and auditing. The 3 steps are: 1)Identify - process risks, opportunities    2) Insure - operational controls, sustainability   

3) Improve.  This process approach has been delivered through consulting, auditing, training services and her resource books for Directors, CEOs and Operation's Managers.  

Jayne's book "ISO 9001", written in 2003, updated quarterly for ten years was sold to over 2,000 top companies in North America providing managers with a guide on how to implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (now ISO 45001), leading in integrated management systems.   Training programs are provided to simplify implementation. 


Pilot is a leading provider of bringing together the power of collaboration of People (partnerships, innovation), Process Improvement, Risk Management and Technology (information, automation). 

Make-overs have reduced duplication, prioritized key strategic planning direction for organizations, reduced documentation,  saving labour dollars, improving efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.  Each process is addressed tied with managing all its risks for the sustainability and success of the organization.


Audit Services

Jayne Pilot, has been a leader in the development of auditor certification, as a committee member of the Canadian Plenary Group and as Past-Director with the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association (CEAA), now called the Auditing Association of Canada.  Pilot assisted in writing the Body of Skills and Knowledge (BOSK) in Canada and US BEAC (Board of Environment, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications). 


Auditing services have been provided to companies and registrars since 1994, assisting in the assessment of organization's management to ISO criteria & supplier operations.  


Pilot has been at the forefront, training corporate internal and lead auditors through onsite, e-learning.   She assisted major Registrars in development of their environmental auditor training and protocols, as well as being a trainer for the top Registrars for quality, environment, health & safety and auditing. 


Resources - Management System Implementation

To assist companies to accomplish the task of management system implementation and assessment, Pilot developed the following  resources: 

1) "Driving Sustainability to Business Success"  Jayne Pilot, Author, publisher Wiley (2015). A resource book for CEOs, Directors, Executives to "Assess", "Reflect" and "Act", providing a road map to drive business sustainability. 

2)  "ISO 9001" - Jayne Pilot, Author, published by - STP in 2003 with quarterly updates.   A guide book on how to implement and integrate a Quality Management System with Environment, Health & Safety.  Over 2,000 copies have been sold to industry and government. Pilot's "Three Step" process approach has been used by fortune 500 companies, as well as government, and industry. 

3) On Line E-Learning: Pilot lead in the development of a series of ISO E-learning programs for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 19011, done in 1 to 2 hour modules - the first international implementation and auditor training on line to International Standards. An Environmental Management System series on ISO 14001 implementation in Spanish and English was developed for North American business. 

Jayne Pilot - Leader - Award Winner
With 30 years of business management work experience, she is a visionary and innovative industry leader that has made significant and notable contributions in the implementation and auditing of business management.  She has served as a catalyst for positive action and exhibited the highest standards of leadership, dedication, ability and innovation to receive the following awards.

1) Top Candidate to Impact Canada's Corporate Boards & Improve Global Competitiveness, 2018

2) Professional of the Year,  Canada-Pakistan Business Council, 2011 
3) Top 100 Women in Canada, Women's Executive Network, 2004
4) Outstanding Business, City of Brampton Economic Development & Board of Trade, 2006, 2002 
5) Women of Distinction - Global Competitiveness, Pinnacle Award, 1999 
6) President's Award - Canada, Browning Ferris Industries, Medical Waste Disposal - International Environmental firsts. 


Visionary - Advocate for Change: 

Member on many international committees for standardization,  policy, and global trade.  


Condo Act 2017

Pilot was on CBC Go Public tied with proposed new legislation protecting Condo Owners (seniors, widows, etc).  Provided input to Ministry of Government and Consumer Services introducing new legislation to improve how condo corporations are managed, ensuring condo boards are governed professionally, providing a lower-cost resolution and prevent financial and organizational mismanagement.  

Sustainability Project - Healthcare Waste 2015

Pilot authored a white paper on "Healthcare Waste Diversion from Landfills and Total Destruction", preparing an online YouTube video and petition to change environmental regulations. For further information refer to "Blog" page. 


Canadian Tax Incentive Program - 2012

Pilot advocated the Federal Government for a tax incentive program to assist Canadian companies in building effective and efficient management systems to ISO standards, that would assist them in competing in the global marketplace.   


District Manager for Canada in Medical Waste Management for Browning Ferris Industries (BFI), a Fortune 500 Company, Ms. Pilot received President's award for business development in a number of international environmental firsts: medical waste, international waste, pharmaceutical waste disposal and diabetic depot system (removal of needles-sharps and drugs in homes through a collection program at pharmacies). 

Trailblazer of new technologies in the environmental field, Personal Care Product Recycling, Waste to Energy. 

Community Involvement

Jayne Pilot, CEO,  Ambassador for the City of Brampton and a Rotarian.  Emerald Green (previously Algonquin Power) Chair, Energy from Waste Public Liaison Committee (since 1993 - 27 years).   Past Co-Chair of City of Brampton's Environmental Committee, representing industry. Past member of Mississauga Board of Trade, Brampton Board of Trade International Committee.  Assisted in many fundraising initiatives for the William Osler Hospital , Children's Aid & Rotary.  


Pilot Performance supports co-op programs for youth, introducing them to business quality practices and environment, health and safety management, preparing them for the business world. 

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