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Driving Sustainability to Business Success

Ask the Right Questions


This book was written by Jayne Pilot, to provide insight and inspiration to leaders, CEOs, managers, auditors, to assist them in being a driving force behind the success of their business. 

Pilot's book addresses the many definitions of sustainability and why leaders need the link between sustainability, business value, and performance. Business leaders are committed to leading the way.  The book outlines the support of a management system structure and key business principles that will drive the accomplishment of their mission. 

Stakeholder demands on CEOs include many challenges. Investors are assessing companies for financial performance. The shrinking talent pool of employees is looking to work with organizations that support social, environment, and economic operating practices and principles. 

Great leaders are those that ask questions, who are creative to drive innovation for growth of their company. 
Pilot's thought-provoking questions for leaders to "Assess-Reflect" on their business principles and management system structure are outlined in order to stimulate "Action", tasks within the organization to bring people, processes, and technology together for business success.

Leaders need to transition to smart decisions that are data driven. The company's management system structure is important to build a strong framework for business process operations and automation for global competitiveness.

Pilot's book is divided into three parts.

Part One: addresses the definition of "sustainability" and business value.

Part Two: reviews business principles for effective operation of organization.

Part Three: outlines an integrated management system structure that meets international standards, so that the organization's global supply chain and customers understand the way the company operates its business.


The book is a road map to assist leaders to ask the right questions in order to drive business success for their organization. 

The DS Factor is key today to work in the global marketplace.

Are you the leader to drive success in your organization? This book is a must read for you.


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Jayne Pilot Interview


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