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Pilot Performance has provided management system auditing and assessment services since 1994 for Registrars and Companies. Pilot's extensive audit experience and technical expertise in many industry sectors from manufacturing, automotive, mining, utilities, waste management, consulting practices and government departments has provided valuable insight and assisted many CEOs, senior executives and business owners in improving their organizations,  assessing performance, improving quality and reducing operational costs.   Jayne Pilot was involved in development of auditor certification requirements and training in Canada and United States.   


We work as your business partner, maintaining independence and endeavour to add value by providing unbiased audit reports on the status of the management of your operations, or your suppliers so you can make informed business decisions tied with your business sustainability.  Outsourcing audits will reduce your costs in training and keep your staff working in their core areas of responsibilities. 


Our audit services assist in the review of business challenges of managing risks and provide meaningful information for Directors, CEOs, Board members, Shareholders and other interested parties on how effectively your organization is meeting requirements; corporate plans, international management systems standards, best management practices, supplier contracts, etc.   

The audit report looks at your strengths and opportunities for improvement in meeting conformance with your requirements and improving performance. This assists the organization in focusing on the greatest areas of risk to its operations.   


Audit Services: 

  • Gap Analysis

  • Internal Audits

  • Supplier, Contractor 

  • Self-Declaration

  • Third Party Audits or Registration Audits

  • Transportation MOT Audits


 Other Audit Services:

  • TRAINING - Internal & Lead auditors 

  • Audit Program Development - Procedures & Working Documents 



Your audit program needs to address the types of audits required, composition of auditors and their evaluation process, audit scheduling, audit procedure(s) and records and the audit program evaluation.  



To be effective, audits require independence and objectivity as well as an understanding of the requirements for the audit. Our auditors will collect the evidence to verify conformance and/or compliance. Methodology used includes: interviews, review of documents, records, visual conditions of processes and observation of activities.



A report will be provided to the client as outlined in the scope of the work containing findings for the audit.  Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) will be provided to assist in management systems make-over.



Manufacturing, Government, Municipalities, Utilities, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Healthcare, Colleges/Universities, Waste Management, Service industry, etc.


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