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Meeting Corporate Needs in:


  • Improving Performance, Productivity, Prosperity

  • Customer Satisfaction, Investor Fulfilment

  • Defining Strategic Action Plans - Management Coaching. Assess - Reflect - Act

  • Performance Management - Principles, Practices, Innovation, Collaboration

  • Management Assessments -  Audits - Non-conformance -  Corrective Actions

  • Risk Management - Quality, Environment, Health & Safety

  • Business Sustainability Solutions - business value

  • Process Evaluation, Improvements

  • Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement - Enhanced image with public, regulators, investors

  • International Standards  - ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 26001

  • Integrated Management System -  effectiveness & efficiency

  • Control Plans - Reducing environment, health & safety impacts and risks 

  • Document & Data Management

  • Communicating & Training - competence,  employee engagement

  • Registrations to International Standards


Integrated Management Systems Make-Over TM

Three Step Process - Identify, Insure, Improve TM


Pilot's process for a Global Management Systems Make-Over, follows a Three Step Process - keeping business management simple to manage and drive sustainability & success.

Step 1. IDENTIFY:   Top management commitment, Plans, Scope, Objectives of Management System project (Pilot Project). Review client's present Management System via gap analysis.  Understand requirements, business challenges - Corporate, Standards - ISO, Legal.  Strategic planning with a team approach for innovation & growth. Review and development of business: Principles, Policy, Risks, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators, Programs, Sustainability Planning.  

Step 2. INSURE:  Structure for meeting strategic plans, implementing controls in operations, change management, review organizational structure, training, competence tracking, document and data management. Ensure systems in place for handling non-conformances, noncompliances, corrective actions. 

Step 3. IMPROVE:   Monitoring, measurement and management reviews for Performance, Productivity, Profits: Business-Technology-Operations.   Audit program:  internal audits, supplier audits, compliance reviews.  Analysis & Improvement.   Driving business success.   Assisting companies to be competitive in the global marketplace.



Annex SL Clauses - PDF




Integration Approaches:


1. Adding to present management system

2. Merging Systems 

3. Process Approach - Looking at the business as a whole - establishing core processes to establish organization's mission.  Review of financial, social, quality, environment, health & safety for all processes. 

Using the Annex SL as the base line identifying processes and risks/opportunities tied with each process. 

Driving Business Success

Management Systems

Director - Coach - Consultant

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