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Wasted Energy – Medical Waste is a potent power source

Toronto Star – July 30th.

Waste from Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions should not go to landfills.

The solution is total destruction of all healthcare waste through Energy from Waste (EFW) – burning waste to produce electricity – removing pathogens in landfills.

Items that contain blood and human waste such as bandages, cleaning wipes, incontinents and bed liners are not classed as biomedical waste and routinely in Ontario are thrown into garbage bags and sent to landfills. When healthcare waste carrying infectious bacteria ends up in a landfill, it not only sits in an ideal environment for growth (contained in plastic bags-darkness, warmth, food for pathogens), but vectors such as mosquitoes, insects, birds, rodents which feed on this waste are carriers to spread disease, Pilot warns.

Pilot is author of white paper entitled “Health Care Waste Diversion and Destruction – Disposal Decision – Ensuring Health and Environmental Safety”

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