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Part 2 Companies Featured and Content- “Principles for Driving Business Success”


In today’s competitive world standing out is everything; which is why, leveraging business sustainability to provide a better return on investment and improved business performance, as well as managing risks is vital to a business’s success.

What are the principles to manage business in a global forum? Part 2 in the book outlines international principles for quality. Pilot’s research discovered there were no international principles for environment, health and safety or for an integrated management system. Read what Pilot created as the key principles to drive your business on the road of success.

The book challenges business leaders to “Assess and Reflect” through questions presented on the principles with a section for the reader to document “Actions” needed to drive business efficiency and effectiveness. Using these principals and the thought provoking questionnaires, a business leader can easily “Assess, Reflect, & Act” on a course of action to improve business sustainability and growth?

Companies featured in this section include, but not limited to the following:

1. International Organization for Standardization – ISO 2. Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series – Brad Zarnett 3. BASF 4. Shell International Limited 5. Patagonia 6. Interface – Ray Anderson 7. Walmart 8. General Electric – GE 9. Coca-Cola – Muhtar A. Kent 10. GlobeScan 11. TED Talks 12. Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. 13. Siemens AG. 14. GS. Engineering and Construction Corps 15. Akzo Nobel NV 16. GKN 17. Auditor General of Canada 18. United States Department of Labor 19. Air-France-KLM 20. International Labour Organization – ILO

Check if you or your company or client are outlined in the book.

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By: M.Samota


Business leaders have taken on a worldwide vision to retain a competitive edge in today’s global business environment, leveraging business sustainability to provide a better return on investment and improved business performance, while managing their risks.

To do this, a leader or manager requires excellent business principles for their organization to make vital business decisions, while carrying out their vision and mission. Management principles outline essential code of conduct necessary for survival and business success.

Managers need time to “Assess” and “Reflect” on their business principles. Part two provides questions top managers can ask themselves, as well as their management team and customers. It provides an opportunity to seek clarification about the principles they use in operating their business and put down “Action”items to improve operations.

The reader now becomes the author of the “Action” items.

All successful managers follow principles that they value, which help define the purpose and direction of their business performance.

Sustainable Business Management Systems

Business principles need to include management of quality, environment, health, safety, and financial. This section of the book provides examples of sustainability leaders and what they have done in their companies. Eleven key management system principles are outlined to drive sustainability and growth for your business.

By: K.Gandhi

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