Driving Sustainability for Business Success
Three Step Process
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for Performance, Productivity, Prosperity

Jayne Pilot, CEO/President



Director - Coach - Consultant

Management Solutions


Leader in Integrated Management Systems - IMS meeting International Standards


International Speaker, Author



Top 100 Women in Canada-WXN


Diversity 50 - Canada's eligible Board Candidate to impact Corporate Boards & improve Global competitiveness 


Pilot's reputation is built on 30 years of client success working with top business leaders in major Fortune 500 international companies in all business sectors, SMEs, government, institutions, registrars and non-profit organizations.  Empowering them to meet their needs to improve their management systems for performance, productivity and prosperity, in order to be sustainable.  


Jayne Pilot, author of "Driving Sustainability to Business Success" (2015) directed to business leaders.   Her book outlines the DS Factor's (driving sustainability factors), key business principles and key questions to assist business leaders to Assess-Reflect-Act, to be the innovators of change within their organizations.  Addressing risks with controls in place.   


Jayne Pilot is a visionary, bringing a wealth of knowledge and contacts to assist corporations and business leaders in their challenges to take the steps to drive sustainability in their organizations.  She is a member of many international trade groups promoting global business. Member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, 2018 chosen as "Diversity 50" Canada's most diverse & eligible board candidates.  


She is an expert member on the ISO/TC 176 for Quality in Canada and the Standards Council of Canada's Mirror Committee, facilitating Canadian participation in international standards development.  


Jayne was at the forefront in environmental sustainability in the late 80's, early 90's, as District Manager in Canada for Browning Ferris Industries - BFI,  setting up medical waste disposal.  A visionary, leading in new international business developments for the company: international waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal, document destruction, needle disposal (sharps) program in the homes (diabetic depot system) an international first.  

Since 1994, our mission has been to assist Corporations and business leaders to build & drive sustainable, successful organizations.

  • Speaker - Keynote, business, entrepreneurs, associations, university/campus

    • Driving Sustainability,   Assess-Reflect-Act to Drive Business Success

    • UN Sustainability Goals - What is Missing?

    • Business Sustainability & Management Principles

    • Controlling Business Processes - Risk to Opportunity

    • Healthcare Waste Diversion from Landfills

  • Coaching - Consulting - Improving Performance

    • Preparing great Leadership: Governance,  Policy, Innovation, Corporate Culture, Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Engagement, Document Control

  • Training

    • Business Management Systems - ISO 

    • Auditing - Internal & Lead - ISO 19011

    • Executive Coaching

  • Audits  

    • Internal Audits, Gap Analysis

    • Third Party, Contractor, Supplier

  • Business Management, International Standards - ISO

    • Quality             - ISO   9001   

    • Environment     - ISO 14001 

    • Health & Safety - ISO 45001

    • Social Responsibility - ISO 26001

    • Integrated Management Systems - IMS

  • Environment - Waste Management Specialist

    • Biomedical (Healthcare) Waste

    • Energy from Waste

    • Sanitary Maintenance-Facility Management

  • Global​ Trade

    • Vice-President Business Trade Association​